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10 Best Vegan Hacks From a Vegan of Almost 10 Years

As a vegan of almost a decade, I’ve had time to acquire some life hacks to make being vegan a little easier. So whether you’re a new vegan or have been one for awhile, these 10 vegan hacks are sure to help you start and maintain a vegan lifestyle.

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1. Track Your Nutrients

The nutrients in vegan vs standard diets are quite different. For example, 100 calories in broccoli and 100 calories in steak offer different things. It is also common for new vegans to struggle with eating enough calories since meat is so calorie dense.

So if you’re a new vegan, I recommend starting out tracking your food intake until you get the hang of vegan nutrition.

2. Eat Nutritional Yeast and Other Nutrient-Dense Foods

Nooch, protein powder, chia seeds, etc, are what I like to call superfoods that make eating vegan a whole lot easier.

Add in a tablespoon of nutritional yeast to a pasta dish for a good source of protein and b12, throw some chia seeds onto a salad for some omega-3s, or mix some protein powder into a smoothie or yogurt for a good dose of plant-based protein.

These foods are a sure way to help you meet your nutritional goals without having to think much about it.

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3. Eat at the Same Restaurants and Shop at the Same Stores

10 years ago, if you were to ask for vegan options at a popular chain restaurant, they would have looked at you like you have 2 heads.

But now, with interest in veganism steadily growing, fast food and chain restaurants, as well as popular grocery stores are now offering plenty of vegan options. So take advantage of it!

Do some Google sleuthing to see if your favorite restaurant offers vegan options. As for grocery stores, many now carry certified vegan products, as well as “accidental vegan food” which I will talk more in-depth in the next point.

4. Look for Accidentally Vegan Food

What do Oreos, Fritos, and Sour Patch Kids all have in common? They’re all vegan!

Not everything has to be certified vegan to be vegan. In fact, a lot of popular products you already know and love might accidentally be vegan. Meaning that they didn’t intentionally make a vegan product, but it just happened to be vegan anyway.

PETA has great comprehensive lists of accidentally vegan food. So give it a look, some products may surprise you.

5. Sign Up for a Vegan Meal Delivery Service

Imagine getting all the ingredients you need pre-proportioned right to your doorstep. That would save a lot of time and trips to the grocery store.

That’s what makes meal delivery services so great. And luckily, there are some vegan ones on the market for you to try out.

My personal favorite is Purple Carrot. But there are plenty more to chose from, just check out this comprehensive list of the best vegan meal delivery services from Spruce Eats.

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6. Learn to Replace Eggs With Ease

You can often easily veganize most recipes. And when it comes to eggs, you have two vegan options. You can use egg replacements like Just Egg, VeganEgg, Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer, or Ener-G Egg Replacer. Or you can make your own following these recipes.

7. Download Vegan Apps

We all know phone apps make everything easier. And there are no shortage of vegan apps that do just that. Check out my post on the 8 must-have vegan apps here.

8. Follow Realistic Vegan Content Creators

Going vegan for the first time and seeing popular vegan creators show off their acai bowls and their raw sprouted gluten-free non-gmo whatchamacallits can be really intimidating. Hell, even I’m intimidated.

So I recommend following more realistic vegan creators like Cheap Lazy Vegan and the Unnatural Vegan who show realistic recipes and offer approachable and attainable advice.

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9. Take Gummy Vitamins Instead of Pills

As a vegan, it is recommended that you you supplement for vitamin b12, vitamin d, long-chain omega 3s, and iodine. And taking pills is no fun. So I recommend opting for the gummy option whenever possible.

What I do is take a combo b12+d3 gummy vitamin and one for a long-chain omega 3s. As for iodine, lets head to the next vegan hack..

10. Switch to Iodized Salt

Taking an iodine supplement is definitely not needed. All you have to do is switch to an iodized salt like this one from Hain Pure Foods and you’ll be good to go!

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Do You Have Any Vegan Hacks That You Want to Share?

Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your favorite vegan hacks. And check out my newsletter for more vegan and cruelty-free content.

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