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5 Reading Hacks All Bookworms Should Know

Calling all bookworms and bookaholics alike, I’ve put together 5 incredible reading hacks all bookworms should know. From saving money, to getting out of a reading slump, to the best book apps, you will definitely love these following tips.


1. Libby by Overdrive

Libby is an app that lets you borrow e-books and audiobooks onto your phone or Kindle from your local library. All you need is your library card and a Libby account and you can start downloading books right away! Libby is a great eco-friendly and affordable option when it comes to saving money (and paper) while reading.

Libby by Overdrive


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2. Goodreads

Goodreads is a social media website for readers. You can search its database to find books, connect with other members, and read reviews.

One of my favorite features that they offer are bookshelves where you can digitally organize all your favorite books in one place.


3. Make a Reading Corner

Every time I get into a reading slump, one of my favorite things to do is to make a cozy corner in my room dedicated just for reading. I add a bunch of pillows, blankets, fairy lights, my favorite candle, anything to make it super cozy.

I feel like the different surroundings is a good change of pace that helps me get back into reading again.



Book Outlet is an online discount bookstore that sells scratch and dent or bargain books at a lesser price. It’s well-loved in the Book YouTube community with lots of unboxing videos showing what deals they scored. So if you are on a budget and looking to save money on books, Book Outlet is the place to go. 




5. BookTubers

Watching book YouTuber’s is a great way to find new books to read. There are so many great creators that cater to specific genres and niches.

So if you’re ever stuck on what to read next, just search it up on YouTube! My favorite book videos to watch are hauls and monthly reading wrap-ups. I’ve definitely found my next read thanks to their suggestions.


Final Note

Hopefully these 5 reading hacks will help you conquer your next read. And don’t forget to follow me on Goodreads. Happy reading!


  1. These are some great ideas. I’ve just renewed my library card, so I’ll definitely be giving ‘Libby’ a try. I’ve used Goodreads but never seen to keep up with it lol, I agree, it’s great if you’re searching for new books to read. A reading nook sounds heavenly! I have a vintage ottoman / blanket box in my bedroom that I’m tempted to slot under the window – it would make the perfect reading space.

    1. Oh my gosh you should definitely turn the ottoman into a reading nook, that sounds so lovely! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  2. I think everyone should know about Librivox as well they offer a lot of free audible classic novels read by volunteers

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