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6 Unique Podcasts You’ve Never Heard of Before

Some of the best podcasts I have found have been unique indie podcasts most people haven’t ever heard of. I love supporting small businesses and podcasts are no exception. And what’s so great about podcasts is that you can find them under pretty much any topic you can think of.

From feminism, blogging tips, and even travel adventures, get your headphones ready for these 6 unique podcasts you have (probably) never heard of before.

1. The Blogging Pod

Genre: blogging, blogging tips

If you’re a blogger like me, then you’ll love The Blogging Pod. The host, Giles takes lessons he’s learned from real blogging experience and teaches you how to grow a successful blog.

The Blogging Pod


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2. The Grow and Glow Show

Genre: blogging, blogging tips

The Grow and Glow Show is hosted by fellow lifestyle blogger, Vix Meldrew in which Vix teaches you everything you need to know about growing your blog and your audience no matter the size of your influence.

Grow and Glow Show


3. What The Pho Travel Podcast

Genre: travel

I love travel content. I love watching travel shows, vlogs, and reading travel blogs. And I’ve recently discovered travel podcasts!

What The Pho was the first travel podcast I found. It’s hosted by Nick and Amy, a married couple who travel around the World making online travel content. Each episode you learn about a city they’ve traveled to and what that place has to offer.

What The Pho Travel Podcast


4. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Genre: travel

Another travel podcast to satisfy your wanderlust is, The Thoughtful Travel Podcast. The host Amanda Kendle, chats with self-proclaimed travel lovers to share their stories from their adventures traveling.

The Thoughtful Travel Podcast


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5. Eco Chic Podcast

Genre: eco-friendly, sustainability

Sustainable and ethical living seems to be in the news as of late, and for very good reason. And Eco Chic, a podcast all about sustainability, is here to give you tips and tricks on living an Earth-conscious life.

Eco Chic Podcast


6. The Femtastic Podcast

Genre: social issues, feminism

Hosted by Katie Breen, each episode of The Femtasic Podcast, interviews feminist activists, researchers, and advocates to discuss women’s issues and today’s hot topics.

The Femtastic Podcast

A Final Note

What podcast do you think everyone should know about? Share your recommendations down below!


  1. I’ve only heard of Vix’s show on here but I love the sound of that What That Pho travel podcast! I never imagined that they’d be able to do something like that, so I’m kind of intrigued… The Blogging Pod might help give me a lil’ blog boost, too!

    1. I know right, I hadn’t heard of travel podcasts until a few months ago. I love hearing people’s travel stories and the little details of each city. And The Blogging Pod has helped me so much! He explains everything super well for bloggers at any stage. Thanks for reading!

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