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6 Vegan Honey Substitutes That You Should Try Out

If you’re vegan and looking to replace honey with something more animal-friendly, then these 6 vegan honey substitutes will do just that.

Because due to bee captivity, clipping of their wings, and other concerns, honey is not the best choice when wanting to be a more ethical consumer.

But luckily, there are some awesome bee-free options that still allow you sweeten your drinks, bake into desserts, and much more.

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1. Agave Nectar

Agave is a sweet nectar found in the agave plant that ranges in color and taste. It is also incredibly similar in color and consistency to honey.


2. Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup is a rich, syrupy sweetener derived from who would have guessed it, brown rice. It makes an excellent vegan honey substitute that can be used in both drinks and baked goods.


3. Dandelion Syrup

You’ll have to make this one yourself using dandelion flowers, sugar, lemon, and water. So this method isn’t for everyone. But if you try it out, you’ll be left with a sweet honey colored syrup perfect to add to your tea or coffee.


4. Maple Syrup

As the most well-known on this list, maple syrup makes a quick and easy honey substitute. And who doesn’t love good old fashioned maple syrup?

5. Pyure Harmless Hunny

Pyure is a brand that makes vegan honey that is both sugar free and low-carb. You can find this vegan honey online or at your local health foods market.


6. Humble Honee

This is a local brand out of Sarasota, Florida that offers bee-free honey. It is sold at one of my favorite vegan restaurants, Leaf & Lentil. But if you’re not in the area, don’t fret, because you can also purchase it on their website here.


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A Final Note on Vegan Honey Substitutes

Which vegan honey substitute do you want to try? Don’t forget to share your thoughts below.

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