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Cruelty-Free Vegan

7 of My Favorite Blogs and Websites for Vegan and Cruelty-Free Living

For both new and established vegans alike, it can be helpful to find online resources for vegan and cruelty-free living. There’s tons of helpful content online, ranging from delicious vegan recipes, to the latest vegan news, cruelty-free shopping guides and much more. So you’re not going to want to miss out on my favorite cruelty-free and vegan websites and blogs.

Live Kindly

Stay in the know on all the vegan news with Live Kindly. They keep you up-to-date with the latest news and science in veganism, as well as sharing recipes and resources.

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One Green Planet

One Green Planet is a one stop shop for all things conscious living. You can find vegan and eco-friendly news, vegan tips and tricks and delicious vegan recipes, all in one place.

The Vegan RD

This blog takes on veganism from a science-based perspective. Learn from registered dietitian, Ginny Kisch Messina, on how you can live a vegan lifestyle longterm.

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Cheap Lazy Vegan

Both a popular vegan blog and YouTube channel, Cheap Lazy Vegan is the perfect place to find affordable and simple vegan recipes. Cooking vegan meals doesn’t have to be intimidating. Rose’s easy to follow recipes make vegan living a whole lot easier.

Minimalist Baker

Minimalist Baker is also another great place to find simple, easy to make recipes. Not all of their recipes are vegan, but you can easily browse through posts using the handy recipe key to find recipes that fit your criteria.

Friendly and Free

Be a more conscious consumer with Friendly and Free’s helpful cruelty-free and vegan resources and shopping guides.

Clean and Cruelty-Free

Clean and Cruelty-Free is another great cruelty-free blog that offers tips and tricks to shopping for non-toxic products that are free of animal testing.

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What do you think of these cruelty-free and vegan websites?

What other cruelty-free and vegan websites or blogs would you add to the list? Which one from this list do you want to check out? Share your thoughts below!

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