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8 Must-Have Vegan Apps

Going vegan hasn’t been easier thanks in part to technology bringing vegan and cruelty-free living right into the palm of our hands. Imagine if you could search for products, find vegan restaurants, and much more, right on your phone? Well these 8 vegan apps allow you to do just that.

So if you’re looking to make being vegan a whole lot easier, then you’ll want to download these must-have vegan apps ASAP!

Happy Cow app

Happy Cow

This app is like Yelp for vegans. Happy cow allows you to search and find vegan restaurants all over the world. You can filter through three different restaurant types: vegan, vegetarian, or veg-options, and you can also write and read reviews.

Download: Apple | Android

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Vegan Maps app

Vegan Maps

This is another restaurant finder similar to Happy Cow. You can search around the world to find vegan restaurants eateries, and cafes.

Download: Apple | Android

Is It Vegan app

Is It Vegan

This app lets you scan any food or beverage package to check it’s vegan status. It sorts ingredients by vegan, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, etc, and shows you which ingredients are vegan or not vegan

Download: Apple | Android

Cowculator app


Just type in your vegan anniversary and this app will calculate how much you’ve saved in water, grains, forested land, and more resources since going vegan.

Download: Apple | Android

Cares: Cruelty-Free app

Cares: Go Cruelty-Free

This app allows you to search and find cruelty-free brands. Get details on each brand, including if they’re vegan friendly, and bookmark your favorites.

Download: Apple | Android

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Leaping Bunny app

Leaping Bunny

Leaping Bunny is the official cruelty-free certification, (you know, the bunny that can be seen on the back of cruelty-free products?) And with their app you can search for cruelty-free brands and find special offers and promos.

Download: Apple | Android

Thrive Market app

Thrive Market

This online membership-based market offers natural and sustainable foods for any budget. Thrive offers a one-for-one membership program which means for every membership sold they donate one to someone in need.

Download: Apple | Android

Think Dirty app

Think Dirty

Clean up your beauty and personal care purchases with the Think Dirty app. Scan thousands of products and see the ratings, ingredients, certifications, and health impacts.

Download: Apple | Android

Final Notes

These 8 vegan apps are a must-have for both newbie and established vegans alike. Which app do you want to download from this list? If you try any of these vegan apps out, let me know in the comments what you thought!

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