Ethical Etsy Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the holiday season, friends! With everyone getting ready to start shopping for gifts, I thought I’d throw together an ethical Etsy gift guide chock full of holiday present ideas.

All the products mentioned are:

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Eco-conscious
  • Ethically made

So let’s get this shopping started!

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ethical etsy christmas gift guide products

1. Woven Seagrass Storage Basket | SonaHome

This super cute seagrass basket has been all the rage on social media this year. Trendy yet functional, this 100% natural seagrass basket is a perfect addition for any space to add a dash of natural decor.

I’ve had my eye on these baskets for so long! So I was glad to find an affordable one on Etsy instead of having to buy one from a big box store. 

2. Reusable Produce Bags | SandaraEco

These produce bags are perfect for getting rid of those pesky single-use produce bags.

Did you know plastic bags take anywhere from 10-100 years to decompose? That’s crazy for something you only use once! So these produce bags are the perfect staple for the next time you head to the grocery store.

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3. Cotton Mesh Market Bags | SandaraEco

Made by the same brand as the produce bags, these market bags are the perfect alternative to plastic shopping bags. They are made of 100% cotton and each order comes with two. They’ve also been all over social media lately, making this a great trendy and eco-conscious staple.

4. Feminist Tote Bag | ValiantDaughterCo

If you’re looking for a more heavy duty shopping bag, check out this feminist ‘together we rise’ canvas tote. Made with 100% certified organic cotton twill, this bag is perfect for toting around groceries, to books, and just about anything else. They also comply to ethical and sustainable practices and use non-toxic ink with all of their bags.

5. Vegan Bamboo Dryer Balls | JustKeepBlooming

These dryer balls replace single use dryer sheets and are far better for the environment. While other dryer balls I’ve found are made of wool, (so not vegan), these are made out of undyed bamboo and are 100% vegan!

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6. Reusable Pouch with Bamboo Utensils and Metal Straw | GrayGreenGoods

This reusable travel set is perfect for all the utensils you’ll need out and about. Each pouch comes with three bamboo utensils, a metal straw, and a straw cleaner. A perfect set to start out your zero-waste journey.


ethical etsy christmas gift guide products

7. Vegan Soy Candle | WicksForWags

I love this brand! I got the peach nectar one for my birthday and I will say, it’s the best candle I’ve ever had.

Each candle is made with environmentally friendly soy wax from soybeans grown on American Farms, and are poured in reusable mason jars. On top of that, a portion of the proceeds is donated to animal shelters and rescue organizations. So not only are you getting an environmentally friendly product but you’re also helping out animals! A win, win.

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8. Reusable Cotton Rounds | EcoRootsShop

This is a quick fix for swapping out those single use cotton rounds for something more sustainable. Made with sustainable and biodegradable bamboo and cotton, each set comes with 10 rounds that you just pop in the washer between each use. 

9. Frida Kahlo Makeup Pads | TheZeroWasteMaker

If you’re looking for some reusable cotton rounds but want a fun design, check out these ones with Frida Kahlo printed on them! Not only are these makeup pads so adorable, but they’re also biodegradable! Instead of throwing them out at the end of their life, you can cut them up into small pieces and add it to a compost/food waste bin. Very cool!

10. Bamboo Toothbrush | EcoRootsShop

Did you know, every single toothbrush ever made is still on this planet? Crazy huh?

But this bamboo toothbrush set, made by the same brand as the reusable cotton rounds, is a great alternative to regular plastic toothbrushes. (Is that a word?)

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11. Bamboo Toothbrush Case | accessoryyard

To go along with the bamboo toothbrushes, this completely bamboo case is the perfect solution to other plastic travel cases. It also comes with one bamboo toothbrush, so it’s perfect for if you’re still deciding on whether or not to make the switch.

12. Pink Hibiscus Body Soufflé | pinkhibiscusoz

Isn’t this tropical body soufflé so cute? This body moisturizer is not only vegan and cruelty-free, but also paraben-free, sulfate-free and ethically made in Australia. A perfect way to make you feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical paradise.


ethical etsy christmas gift guide products

13. Upcycled Denim Dog Toy from ThreeSheltiesandaCat

Got any dog lovers in your life? These denim dog toys are perfect for pups and their eco-conscious owners alike. Each one is made with upcycled denim fabric with an option to order it with or without a squeaker.

Side note: my dog is terrified of squeaky toys, which is really weird, I know. So I was excited to find this toy because it has the option of no squeaker! (Finally!)

14. Ethical Clothing Guidebook: A Zine | wontonface

This cute homemade magazine tackles the topic of ethical fashion. The zine offers tips and tricks when it comes to shopping ethical fashion, along with a fact sheet and resource list included in the back.

I’ve been a huge magazine lover all my life (I mean, check out my online feminist magazine post I did.) So zines and online zines are a great way to still support magazines in the ever-changing world of media.

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15. Adopt and Rescue Pouch | Pinkkis

This is the cutest thing ever! Made with upcycled fabric, this pouch not only is made with the Earth in mind, but it also advocates for animals too! Each item in their shop is one-of-a kind, so no one will have this pouch except for you. Pretty cool!

16. Indigo Dye Kit | ShopAdroit

This dye kit teaches you the art of Shibori dyeing, a Japanese dyeing technique. Each kit comes with everything you need and has enough product to dye up to 15 things! This is the perfect weekend project that’s a fun reminiscent of your childhood. (Anyone else tye-dye t-shirts when they were kids?)

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17. Recyclable Weekly Diary | laurewingrove

Made with 100% recyclable paper and compostable packaging, this weekly diary is a must-have for writing out your schedule, making to-do lists and even doodling! And I will say, this 80’s style diary is so cool. I’ve never seen anything like it before!

18. Go Vegan Peach Pin | SAILxON

If you know anything about me then you’ll know I’ve been collecting pins for years. So I was really excited when I found this one. It’s the cutest peach color and with each pin sold, $5 is donated to a non-profit animal rights group! How cool is that!

I hope this ethical Etsy guide gave you some inspiration on what to get for your loved ones this year. Need some more inspiration? Take a look at these guides created by Etsy: Earth-Friendly GiftsGift Guide For Her | Gift Guide For Him

Hope you all have a great holiday season, and I hope to see you again soon!

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  1. Love all of this! I’ve already got my gifts for this year but have got some inspiration for birthdays and will be looking back next year. Sustainable, ethical & vegan gifts are the best!

  2. Ooo I have been looking for so really nice ethical presents for xmas! Wish I knew about these companies before hand. Great selection of items x

    1. It was quite fun putting it all together. Etsy’s pretty great, they have tons of things to choose from! Thank you for reading! (:

  3. I love reading ethical gift guides. One always finds out about brand names that weren’t on the radar previously. This one had many I wasn’t familiar with. Amazing gift ideas!
    I need the Shibori dyeing kit in my life.

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