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How to Have a Vegan Thanksgiving

Not sure how to have a vegan Thanksgiving? No need to fret. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, or you’re the guest, here are some ideas on how to have a great vegan Thanksgiving that is sure to keep everyone happy.

Let The Host Know

If Thanksgiving is being hosted at somebody else’s house, let them know beforehand that you’re vegan so they know what to expect.


Bring Your Own Dishes

Ask the host if you can bring your own vegan Thanksgiving dishes to share at dinner. Stick with safe and simple recipes that even the biggest carnivore would enjoy.


Buy Vegan (and Accidentally Vegan) Thanksgiving Food

This could be apple cider, pumpkin seeds, or even pillsbury crescent rolls! Or stick to easily veganized Thanksgiving recipes like salad, mashed potatoes, or cranberry sauce.

Here are some more vegan Thanksgiving products to stock up on:


Ask If Host Is Willing to Tweak Recipes

For example, omit cheese from a salad or use vegan butter in the mashed potatoes. Something small that won’t drastically change a recipe and have the non-vegan guests notice.

Eat Beforehand

If you can’t bring anything, or if you know that there will be no vegan meal options, eat before you go. That may sound boring, given how food is the main part of Thanksgiving, but you can still sit and chat with everyone. But instead of a whole Thanksgiving meal, you could snack on something like fruit salad.


Host Thanksgiving Yourself

Offer to host Thanksgiving at your house. Let your guests know that you will be making vegan recipes, and whether or not they can bring their own dishes.  This is also a great way to introduce people to vegan food and how good it can really be!


Best Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Meals and Sides



A Final Note on Vegan Thanksgiving Ideas

With these tips and ideas, you’re sure to have a great vegan Thanksgiving. What plans do you have for this upcoming holiday? Let me know in the comments below!

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