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How to Improve Your Body Image With Body Neutrality

Body neutrality is the act of acceptance for your body without the focus on beauty or appearance. You think of your body as matter-of-fact.

This helps take the pressure off of feeling like you have to feel beautiful in order to achieve self-love. Body neutrality teaches us that our worth is not in your appearance.

And body neutrality can be a great way to improve your body image. If body positivity just doesn’t cut it, or you’re looking for something less image focused, here are 5 tips to improve your body image with body neutrality.

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Shed the idea that appearance equals self worth

This is the basic fundamentals of body neutrality. Get rid of the mindset of appearance = self worth. I think this is where the body positivity movement fails.

Body positivity teaches us that we should find beauty in our “flaws”, and that is when we’ll truly love ourselves. It’s not an awful message, but why do we have to feel beautiful all of the time?

Given that society has taught us that a women’s value is based on our appearance, it doesn’t seem helpful to measure our self-love in how beautiful we feel.

Like feeling beautiful is the golden ticket we all need to finally learn self-love.

It’s okay to feel beautiful, but it’s also okay to not feel beautiful all of the time, too.

Replace negative self talk with body neutral statements

Some body neutral statements can include:

  • This is my body, it gets me from point A to point B
  • I appreciate my body for what it can do
  • My self worth has nothing to do with my appearance
  • My appearance is not the rent I pay to exist in the world
  • I do not owe anyone beauty
  • I do not have to love every single inch of my body all of the time

What are some other body neutral statements that you can think of?


Read classic feminist literature

The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf really helped cement my love for body neutrality. With this book in particular, Wolf believes women are subjected to cruel and unfair beauty standards that keep us tied to the patriarchy.

I can see a lot of parallels between classic feminist literature and the body neutrality movement.

Read my book review on the Beauty Myth here

Find body neutral content

With the body neutrality movement not being as mainstream as the body positivity movement, it can be difficult to find body neutrality content.

But I’m slowly building up my repertoire via Pinterest and have put together a board specifically for body neutrality. There are also a ton of other Pinterest boards and articles that I have found very useful.

Here are some of my favorite articles:


Hit the unfollow button

You are in control of your social media. If someone you’re following makes you feel like crap, hit that unfollow button.

Examine who you’re following and ask yourself if they add something positive to your life, (or feed). Remember, you don’t owe anyone a follow.

Make it your space. If you want to only follow your close friends, do that. If you want to fill your feed with only puppies, more power to you.

Neutralizing your statements and thoughts on your appearance can be a great way to improve your body image. It’s important to put less emphasis on our appearance and appreciate ourselves in other ways. And with these 5 tips, hopefully you can utilize what body neutrality teaches to help foster a better body image.

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  1. Love this post! I definitely forget sometimes that I can easily unfollow people on social media that bring me down. I like all of the body neutral statements too, especially the one that says ‘I do not have to love every single inch of my body all the time.’ xx

  2. Love this! It’s so helpful to have a list of ways to improve your body image using body neutrality. I’ve shared on my blog what body neutrality is and how it differs from body positivity – I’ll link your post to give people ideas on how to make use of it =)

    1. Thank you so much for sharing it on your post! I linked your blog post to my resource list on this post as well. I’m glad I stumbled upon your post on Pinterest! It was an excellent read. Thanks for stopping by!

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