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How to Sell Books on Depop

Sitting next to me is a bookshelf filled with my life’s worth of books. Well, at least my teenage-life, my childhood books are stored in memory boxes in the back of a closet. And with my indecisive nature and my pull towards minimalism, I every so often go through this over packed two-tier shelf, and purge it out.

My book collection has both flourished and dwindled multiple times throughout my life. And only having two-shelves of books is quite the feat. I blame it on my Kindle & Audible phase, along with going through an existential book crisis on what I even like to read. (I’m now into thrillers, nonfiction, and poetry, in case you were wondering.)

So what do I do when I have my inevitable bookshelf clean out? I sell them on Depop!

I’ve been selling my books on Depop for a long time now. Maybe even three years by now. It’s a tedious process. Books aren’t Depop’s main objective. But, I have sold several books and have 22, 5 star reviews, which is pretty nice.

So keep on reading (no pun intended) for my tips to selling books on Depop.

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How I sell books on Depop

Depop shipping

When I first started selling on Depop, I was clueless about the US Postal Service. Of course, where you are located and where you plan to ship (domestically vs internationally) will differ place to place.

But in my case, being in the US, I have something called ‘Media Mail‘ where you can ship media for a decent price. I personally choose not to ship outside the US because I don’t think it’s cost efficient for the price of the books.

Here is an official Depop guide for shipping:

US Shipping Guide

UK + Others Shipping Guide

Depop pricing

When pricing my books I look two places: Amazon and Depop

I look on Amazon because they not only sell new copies of the books I’m selling but also used copies too. I also search for the book title on Depop to see if anyone else is also selling the same book, then I price accordingly.

For example, if a book is originally $12.99, I will mark it down a few dollars to say, $8.00. I also add in the price for shipping into that $8.00. I always round up and say $3.oo. So my net cost is $5.00 (not including fees.)

I also look into the quality of the book. The better quality the higher the price, of course.

Listing an item on Depop

When I list an item, I always use the same description format:

I add the book info, title, author, and original price. Plus, a short description of the quality of the book, any marks or scratches, etc,.

For hashtags, Depop allows up to five, which is super frustrating. But instead of hashtags, what myself and a lot of other people do, is use ‘tags’.

So in the description of the item you’re selling, use all the keywords you would use for hashtags but don’t put the hashtag in front of it. This allows you to have as many tags as you’d like and still get your items seen by others.

When a book sells

Once I sell a book, I get a notification from Depop and Paypal. Paypal is the service that they use, so you have to have an account. I then ship the book out a day or two later via USPS. If I had an influx of purchases, I wait a few more days so I could just ship them all on one day.

After I ship the book, I send over the tracking number and delivery service to the buyer through Depop, and that’s it!


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A Final Note

Depop is an incredible app to sell and buy second-hand, but not a lot of people know you can also sell books on it too! So hopefully my guide answers any of your questions about selling on Depop for the first time.

If you’re interested in buying a book from my Depop, check out my account here. If selling clothes is more your thing, I found this handy guide to help you with that.


    1. Thank you! And yes, it’s a small part of the Depop community but it’s definitely possible to sell books on there. Thank you for reading!

  1. I’ve never thought of buying or selling books on Depop before but it’s a good shout! I also love the idea of a book ‘unhaul’ and will defo have to try this next time! Thanks for sharing Payton! 🙂

  2. This was really interesting! I’ve heard of Depop, but have never checked it out. I’ve always associated it with clothes, but it just kind of blew my mind that you could sell books too! I usually either donate books or sell them to local bookstores that either give me cash or credit, but this is such a good option for selling books that I didn’t know about! Thank you so much for breaking down the process. I’m definitely going to look into it because I’ve been meaning to go through all of my books. (I’ve been getting into minimalism too!)

    Great post!!

    Emily |

    1. You can find so much on Depop, it’s awesome! And you should definitely look into selling on there. There are a ton of people who have had great success just selling books. Thanks for stopping by. (:

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