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I Switched to Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper and Here’s What I Thought (Who Gives a Crap Review)

Back a couple Christmases ago, I was given the gift of eco-friendly toilet paper from the brand Who Gives a Crap, a startup that specializes in eco-friendly recycled or bamboo toilet paper that you can get delivered right to your door.

You might find yourself a little skeptical about using eco-friendly toilet paper or having toilet paper delivered right to your home. But since I’ve been using Who Gives a Crap for awhile now, I thought I would put together a review to answer some of your questions.

Who Gives a Crap toilet paper box and three rolls


Who Gives a Crap – An eco-friendly toilet paper alternative

Who Gives a Crap is an eco-friendly toilet paper company offering a green, plastic free alternative to in-store toilet paper brands.

They currently have two types of toilet paper: their 3-ply bamboo or their 3-ply recycled. You can also stock up on their 100% bamboo tissues or their paper towels made with bamboo and sugarcane.

Who Gives a Crap also donates 50% of their profits to help build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world. And since the brands launch, they have been able to donate $1.9 million U.S dollars to charity, and have saved on resources such as trees, water, and energy.


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There are two toilet paper box sizes to choose from.

If you’re looking to purchase the recycled paper line, you can get 24 rolls for $30 dollars, or opt for the bigger box at 48 rolls for $48. The bamboo box is a bit more expensive at 24 rolls for $34, or 48 rolls for $52.

They also offer free shipping on most orders! Which is a major plus, especially if you are not used to buying household supplies online.

My thoughts on using eco-friendly toilet paper

There’s a reason why I haven’t switched back to ordinary toilet paper! I really love this brand. I use their 3-ply bamboo line and it arrives in a cardboard box with 48 individually wrapped toilet paper rolls.

Each roll is wrapped in decorative paper which helps keep everything sanitary. So there is absolutely no plastic except for the tape to help secure the box shut.

Although it isn’t as soft as those ultra-soft toilet paper brands, I don’t find it uncomfortable by any means. I’m also the only one who uses this toilet paper, so I’ve found that each box lasts me about a few months.


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I truly recommend making the switch to eco-friendly toilet paper. Who Gives a Crap makes it super easy with their free shipping and delivery right to your door. And not only are they making strides towards a greener Earth, but they’re also helping people along the way.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this company but I love this idea!! I always feel so bad when I buy toilet paper and it’s just covered in that plastic wrapping 🙁 Such a waste! And honestly, I love that they offer two different options and prices. Thank you for breaking down the price per roll compared to a name brand, too. It doesn’t seem as expensive when you put it like that! I’ll have to add this to my list of eco-friendly items to try! Maybe I’ll ask for this for Christmas myself… 🙂 Great review!

    Emily |

    1. I so recommend it! Plus since the virus, having toilet paper delivered to your door at a scheduled time has been a godsend!

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