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Plant-Based vs Vegan | What’s the Difference?

You may have wondered about the differences between plant-based vs vegan. On the surface, they both share a lot of similarities. But there are definitely some big key differences you should know.

So keep reading to find out why plant-based and vegan are not necessarily the same thing, and to see which one is the right fit for you.

What’s the Difference Between Plant-Based vs Vegan?

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What is Vegan?

Let’s first start off with the definition of vegan. Simply put, veganism is an ethical stance that seeks to eliminates any use of animals in food, clothing, and other products.

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What is Plant-Based?

Plant-based, on the other hand, is a diet. A plant-based diet emphasizes whole foods like plants, grains, and nuts, while minimizing meat, dairy, and processed foods. You may see variance in how people follow a plant-based diet. Some choose to consume minimal animal products, and others completely leave them out.

So, a plant-based diet, unlike veganism, has nothing to do with ethics or social change, and doesn’t influence other parts of someone’s lifestyle.

Can You Be Plant-Based and Vegan?

Yes, you can be plant-based and vegan. Vegan isn’t necessarily synonymous with healthy eating, so a vegan person’s diet may vary (as long as it is free of animal and animal by-products).


In short..

Veganism is an ethical stance that eliminates the use of animals in food, clothing, and other products. On the contrary, plant-based is a diet that emphasizes whole foods, while either minimizing or omitting dairy, meat, and processed foods.

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