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The 7 Different Types of Vegans You Might Meet

When navigating the world of veganism, you might come across some different types of vegans. Whether that be the sign holding, break-into-the slaughterhouse activist, or the vegan that only seems to eat fruit, vegans have many different beliefs and reasons for going vegan. So here are the 7 different types of vegans you might meet.

The Junk Food Vegan

If you’ve seen an influx of vegan meat and cheese alternatives hit the grocery store shelves these past couple of years, then you have junk food vegans to thank for that.

Junk food vegans still love all of the delicacies from their former non-vegan lives and will stop at nothing until they have all the meats, cheeses, desserts, and more– but veganized.


The Health Vegan

Popularized by L.A and the influencer culture, health vegans are the smoothie drinking, chia seed sprinkling, juice cleansing vegans we all hate to love, or love to hate.

These vegans are the opposite of the junk food vegan and can be found creating intricate smoothie bowl recipes on their popular vegan YouTube channels.


The Raw Vegan

If you were watching vegan YouTube in the mid 2010s, then you are way too familiar with this type of vegan. Raw veganism took the vegan community by storm and it was quite an interesting time..

Raw vegans only eat raw, uncooked food that cannot reach temperatures above 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This type of veganism has since died down a bit, and I’m not sure how sustainable this way of eating was anyway. But I digress.

The Fruitarian

The fruitarian is the even more eccentric sister to the raw vegan. The fruitarian only eats, you guessed it, fruit. They can also occasionally eat nuts and seeds too.

Luckily, this type of vegan is very uncommon. Most vegans in the community do not advocate for this type of eating.


The Plant-Based “Vegan”

The usually agreed upon definition of vegan involves reducing animal suffering throughout ones life through food and other product choices.

The plant-based “vegan” on the other hand, usually didn’t go vegan for this reason. So it’s not uncommon to see this type of vegan wear leather or buy products tested on animals.

They also usually give up on veganism quickly because they treated it like a diet rather than a political movement. So other vegans try to steer them to the word plant-based, but usually to no avail.


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The Ethical Vegan

This is the most common type of vegan. This is a vegan that seeks to reduce animal cruelty in every aspect of life. An ethical vegan usually has a diet listed above (junk food, health, raw, fruitairan). But it really doesn’t matter to them as long as they’re fighting against animal cruelty.

These vegans also do not purchase products like makeup, household cleaners, clothing, etc that were tested on animals or made with animal ingredients.

The Eco Vegan

This type of vegan went vegan for sustainability reasons. They know that animal agriculture is one of the leading causes of pollution. So they’re doing their part to help save the planet by going vegan.

They’re conscious about their product consumption, so you may find them in the bulk isle picking up some package free lentils or refilling their spice jars.

Also, these vegans do not purchase products tested on or made with animals either. And these products are usually more eco-friendly compared to what ethical vegans buy.


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What Type of Vegan Are You?

If you find yourself resonating with more than one these types of vegans, that is a-ok. It’s common to feel like a mix of more than one of the above.

I’m definitely a mix of a junk food, health, and ethical vegan. What about you?

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